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Episode 213: To be or not to be inclusive…how do you make it happen? – Danny Terrero

Life is a series of transitions. Every day we wake up to new challenges, adventures, and directions. For some of us, those transitions lead not only to a physical transition but also to our life’s work that we’ve been called to do.

Danny Terrero is a transition-ist at heart. From his own physical transformation as a transgender man, to the businesses and education institutes he helps to transform, he embraces transition as a way of life.

Today Danny walks us through his story, and his life as he successfully guides organizations to integrate transgender and gender non-conforming individuals into their workplaces and schools to provide support for the transitioning employees or students while saving organizations tens of thousands of dollars in lawsuits and bad press.

Show Highlights

* Some major corporations now have gender transition plans, but many still don’t
* Danny was in a very vulnerable sensitive place and often mis-gendered by others
* Discover how diversity and inclusion is good for EVERYONE
* Inclusion is really giving everyone a space at the table to have a conversation
* Think transition!

Connect with Danny Terrero

Daniel (Danny) Lucas Terrero is passionate about changing the lives of transgender and non-conforming people.
He’s a trans man and entrepreneur who began physically transforming as a senior in college and continued that transition as a new employee at a large retail corporation. He know the difficulties of transforming firsthand and wants nothing more than to help make that transition easier for everyone involved.

He currently works and lives in New York City, and enjoys practicing jujitsu, playing with his cats, spending time with his girlfriend and traveling.
He helps organizations become gender identity inclusive.


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