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Episode 215: The Power of Letting Go – The Hound

It’s time to learn a lesson. Are you listening? Whether it’s a lover, a friend, or family member, those relationships that we think defines us, often involve people who have been in our lives the longest, that we simply need to remove from our lives. While the change can be difficult, and we struggle with who we are without them, it is the worst ones that can be impossible to let go of that are the ones we need to most must rid from our life in order to be fulfilled.

Straight out of the studios from producing his first single “Can’t Let You Go,” The Hound steps into The Coming Out Lounge today to share his journey of letting go, the pains, the challenges, the joys and triumphs of finally cutting someone loose so that you can come out and live your life uncloseted.

Show Highlights

* Doors open when you align with what you know you should or could be doing
* When you’re in a dramatic story, just like a TV show it’s hard to turn off
* Good parents make good people, but others can play this role too…
* Fear is a powerful, but just allow yourself to be yourself through difficult times
* What happens if you don’t let go of “what was!”

Connect with The Hound

“Can’t Let You Go,” the first single from The Hounds’ upcoming album, is electronic pop with a passionate, heartfelt message about the dangers of a toxic love.  Written and produced by the artist, The Hound admits to being in a low place in life when creating the song. “I didn’t know what I wanted anymore,” he explains. “I was very depressed and found myself in an incredibly toxic relationship with someone who suffered extreme highs and lows, and I was coming to terms with the fact that just because its love, doesn’t make it right. People also love heroin and meth, and he was definitely like a drug to me.  It took everything falling apart for me to finally walk away.”  Along with the track, The Hound has released a music video that stars gay adult film performer Adam Ramzi as his ex boyfriend. The Hounds’ “Can’t Let You Go” is available on iTUNES, Spotify, and all digital platforms.  The music video is available on Vimeo.

Can’t Let You Go Video

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