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285: Single Gay Dad: Living A Life Uncloseted – Frank Lowe

Nothing new about being a single, divorced Dad…unless you’re gay. Then all sorts of tricky things happen, that the average person doesn’t think about. Like, He’s gay and has a child? He’s divorced and gay and has a child? He’s a man in his mid-30’s, 40’s and traveling alone with a child? Or my favorite, “OMG your gay and you have a child? You’re really not gay!” Sigh. So what’s a guy to do?

He makes a brand and a life out of being a Gay At Home Dad! And don’t ask which came first, the brand or the life, because trust me they happen simultaneously. But to get the real scoop, Frank Lowe – blogger, author, and proud Dad to an 8-year old that will be 21 before he knows it – drops in with us to share his Life Uncloseted and some of the big bold moves he’s made to be a single (available) gay dad on the planet! It’s the perfect way to make way for Fathers Day 2018! So Happy Pop’s Day all you Dads!

Show Highlights

* He learned to relinquish his selfishness and healed himself as a gay man because of this
* Protecting his son from this is one of his biggest challenges
* He finds himself comparing himself to this person the most
* What exactly does he mean by “Microsoft Mom”
* Discover the secrets of being raised by a Unicorn

About Frank

Frank Lowe is a gay, divorced, 41-year-old dad. He is best known for his acerbic handle on Twitter and Instagram (@GayAtHomeDad), and has worked for publications such as The Advocate, HuffPost, and Gays with Kids. His goal is to bring attention to the world of gay parenting. As a result, he has been interviewed by CNN, CBS, OUT, Ozy, HuffPost, and The Today Show, to name a few. He currently lives in Northwestern Connecticut with his precocious 8-year-old son.”

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Raised by Unicorns: Stories from People with LGBTQ+ Parents

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