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344: Finding our home, your place to live Life (UN)Closeted – Jeff Hammerberg

Food, shelter. Two basic needs that we all need to survive. Now imagine, fighting to be able to find a home and live in a place that makes you feel secure, only to discover that you can’t because of your sexuality or gender identity. Yes, this is true. People get denied housing and home loans based purely on their sexuality and gender identity. Bet you heterosexuals never had to worry about that did you?

But we have a solution.,, and who serves the LGBTQ Community with a Nationwide FREE directory of gay, lesbian and gay friendly realtors in every city coast-to-coast. An individual can come to their site and use the search box to enter a city and state, and have instant access to realtors serving that city. But why is this service necessary? Jeff Hammerberg, CEO of gives is the behind the scenes look at how their company helps LGBTQ individuals navigate one of the biggest purchases of their life without fear of discrimination and fears that heterosexuals rarely encounter in the real estate transaction process.

Show Highlights

* Learn what quiet homophobia is and how to prevent it
* Discover how many states deny homes for being LGBTQ
* Learn how takes the uncomfortableness out of the buying equation
* Do you know the underlying places a commission might go

About Jeff

Jeff Hammerberg, Founding CEO of, and his team are committed to connecting members of the LGBT community to agents we know personally, have investigated and interviewed extensively, and in some cases have been working with for over 20 years! We understand their approach to working with LGBT individuals, and we have a track record of success, due to the success of our agents and the clients like you they represent!

Thousands of LGBT couples and individuals have bought and sold homes with the trusted partner agents listed here at our website – we close about a deal per day, coast-to-coast, every day of every year! I sincerely hope you choose to take advantage of our FREE database to enjoy the same success.

We take the hassle and worry out of aligning with a trustworthy gay, lesbian, or gay-friendly realtor by doing all the legwork for you. Just visit our main page and type your city into the search box provided. You’ll instantly be provided a free list of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly realtors in the area you’re interested in. Read the real estate agent bios and choose the agent you like – there is never any cost or obligation!
Their wish is to provide you with success, happiness, equality, and the home of your dreams.

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