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269: Escaping the Menopause Closet- Kelli Jaecks

It’s hot. You’re cranky. Hormones are raging. You’re not pregnant. Your body says it going to mess with ya on a daily basis. And on top of that you just feel like you need a IV of Martini’s to make it through the day. Hello! Welcome to menopause…and boy does that closet suck. But not if you’re Kelli Jaecks.

She’s taking on the shame of aging and changing bodies for the female race and standing on her soapbox declaring war on menopause. No more staying silent. It’s another #metoo movement where being held hostage by hormones isn’t going to cut it anymore.

She’s doling out doable strategies and yummy Martini recipes to shake and stir up the sisterhood to overcome the hormone groan.

This is her bold move and her life uncloseted story.

Show Highlights

* Learn how to stop going from 0 – 60 bitch mode
* Discover tricks for getting over the brain fog of menopause
* Find out the two words that can become the rally cry for perimenopause
* Her Martini recipes included at no extra charge in this book
* Find out what JOY really meant to her…it’s not what you think

About Kelli

Kelli works with business and association professionals who want clear, achievable strategies to optimize health and excel in leadership. As a knowledgeable, entertaining speaker on women, leadership, and overall health, Kelli tailors each presentation and topic to engage and energize the audience.

Kelli holds a Master’s degree from Oregon State University in Communication and Adult Education, where she taught Leadership and Public Speaking. She received her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1996.
She is the owner and founder of Kelli Jaecks | Verbal Impact!, an educational company whose mission is to empower people to optimal health through education and entertainment. She is a nationally published author, speaker and blogger on a variety of healthcare related topics in the arenas of women’s health, oral and overall heath, and leadership.

Kelli recently launched her new book: Martinis & Menopause—Strategies, Science and Sips that Empower Women to Beat the Hormone Groan. She also has apopular blog about women’s health and well-being makes the science behind ‘Why is this happening!?’ accessible and easy to understand while offering useful, practical tips to feel better and live better!

When not speaking, or working, Kelli enjoys traveling to cool venues for scuba diving and participates in live theater.

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