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334: Uncloseting Body Language – Leo (Lay-O) Cardenas

Imagine knowing exactly what someone is thinking. Or, at least having a pretty good idea of what they are thinking, all because their body speaks louder than their words. You could tell if they were really interested in a date. You’d be able to determine if he was serious about promoting you. Possibly you’d discover is someone is lying or telling the truth. With the insights of body language, you’ll find that you can make your bold move and start to live your life uncloseted. Here’s how.

Leo Cardenas, body language expert, uses his insights to help individuals and organizations uncloset the non-verbal cues so that we can be better at communicating. Train your brain to spot body language at the airport, coffee house, parties, office, and networking events. Turn it into a game for your family and friends, while growing your confidence to be a master communicator whether you’re tackling a promotion, coming out of the closet, or doing something that scares the crap out of you. Your body language and the body language of others can either make or break you…but it doesn’t have to.

Show Highlights

* What do you do when you don’t speak english and end up in Wichita, Kansas?
* Discover one of the things that we all as humans are designed to read and observe
* Learn where our body language instincts come from
* Two simple steps teach you all you need to know to start to use body language to improve your life
* Don’t assume anything about body language before you consider the context

About Leo (Pronounced Lay-o)

I had to learn how to positively persuade and influence others the hard way, and I’ve been where most people are in terms of their communications skills. Growing up in Venezuela, and coming to the U.S., I knew very little English, but I understood the power of body language.
Using the tools of the human brain and understanding simple science, such as the application of non-verbal cues, I was able to adapt to a completely new culture in record time without even knowing the language.

Once I found this super power, I discovered that if you position yourself the right way you could have the results you are seeking in all areas of life. As you know, life is all about relationships, and the bedrock of all relationships is effective communication. However, do you know that most of our communication comes from nonverbal cues that most people aren’t even aware they’re sending?

So why do we spend all this time focusing on language, but not the universal, cross-cultural signals our body is sending? That’s where I come in.
After years of experience as a speaker, coach, consultant and trainer, I create programs for organizations and teams that are fun, memorable and deliver an experience that produces….  RESULTS!

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