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352: Coming Out Of The Closets of Bullying and Drug Addiction – Mark Stephen Pooler

Darkness. The kind that causes you to retreat into yourself because you’ve been bullied so much you actually believe that you’re worthless. You’ve made the conscious and unconscious decision to hide and turn to a life of self-destruction and drug addiction, rather than face one more painful moment of living in this abuse. It’s a traumatic life, but what do you care, the drugs are taking the pain away, and removing the life you simply don’t want to feel. But wait, you’re actually stuck in your own muck, and there is a life you deserve to live.

Finally finding his way out of the darkness, Mark Stephen Pooler dumped his addictions and rebuilt his life. He came out of the closet of self-destruction, giving himself the permission to go forward, adopting a mindset of success rather than a living in a reality of failure. From drug addict to transformation expert, Mark has made the bold move to live life on his terms, and this is his Life (UN)Closeted story.

Show Highlights

* Discover what he learned about the power of mind after being kicked out of his family home
* Mark says we have two things we control – you’ll be surprised by this wisdom
* He hid his pain of bullying in drugs – hear his frightful hospital story
* At 15 years old he started adulting and he learned some hard truths
* He has three practices that keep him feeling fully alive and on track in his life

About Mark

Creative entrepreneur Mark Stephen Pooler has overcome the kind of adversity that most people cannot even comprehend. He has taken the resilience from his past trauma and turned that into an inspirational determination to help others.
After years of being severely bullied, Mark turned to drug addiction and started down a dark road of self-destruction that nearly ended his life. After having the strength to overcome his addictions, he rebuilt his life stronger than ever.

Mark is now a professional speaker, a coach and an author. His area of expertise is self-leadership and transformation. Mark helps struggling entrepreneurs create a mindset and belief system that makes their success a reality.
Mark inspires entrepreneurs to find and use their courage and strength to empower and lead themselves to success.

Mark specialises in helping aspiring and established speakers coaches and influencers that are feeling stuck to move forwards and make progress fast using the power of their voice to build their business.

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