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287: When Opposites No Longer Attract – Michael J. Testa

It’s a story that’s been told. Yet so many still believe there’s no reason to tell this story again. That’s complete bullshit. These stories need to be told, so that everyone can hear them and realize, that there are still many marriages where opposites do not attract but people are trying to play the game, just because society says – YOU CAN’T BE GAY!
As modern as our society has become, and even though there is more acceptance, all you have to do is read any headline news to know, that this battle against the LGBTQ community is still waging, and as long as it wages there will be mixed orientation marriages abounding. Today, Micheal J. Testa, shares his uncloseted story and talks about his new book, When Opposite No Longer Attract – which only proves the point, there’s more work to be done!

Show Highlights

* Discover how he found himself
* This one conversation watching an episode of Will & Grace made him really get it
* Nothing helps you see yourself more than losing a spouse or divorcing a spouse
* Discover what Gay Fog and Gay Adolescence mean
* What is the magical trifecta

About Michael

Mr. Michael J. Testa is a cum laude graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and a 34-year veteran of the Information Technology industry with 23 years in Information Technology staffing and recruiting.  In addition to his career in Information Technology staffing and recruiting, Mr. Testa has experience in IT software development and management in banking, manufacturing, distribution, and public utilities.  He has worked for Mellon Bank (BNY Mellon), Fisher Scientific (ThermoFisher Scientific), and KCS Computer Services Inc.  In 1997, Mr. Testa formed Testa Consulting Services, Inc. (Testa).   Testa has become a leader in the Information Technology staffing industry and is a longstanding member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council and the TechServe Alliance.

Mr. Testa is the immediate past president of Equality Pennsylvania and a former board member of TechServe Alliance and PBS station, WQED.  In 2009, Mr. Testa created GLEC Pittsburgh, a professional LGBT networking group.  In 2018, he was one of the founders of the Three Rivers Business Alliance (3RBA), which is a subchapter of the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce(NGLCC).  (GLEC Pittsburgh has since merged into 3RBA.)

Mr. Testa is a proud father of two sons.  He recently authored a book about his coming out experience called “When Opposites No Longer Attract.”

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