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366: Coming Out Of The Shame Closet – Midge Noble


Shame on you! How many of us heard those words as kids? All right, maybe not so much these days, as I think that was the type of phrase us Baby Boomers heard growing up, but today the SHAME FACTOR is prevalent everywhere. You’re shamed if you don’t have enough followers on Instagram, if you aren’t the right type of Christian, if you’re LGBTQ, if you don’t look like a paint brushed supermodel. Shame is the way we throw shade today and it’s time to quit allowing it to rule our lives.

However, the bigger question is, how do you overcome this shame when you are a woman, who happens to be a lesbian, and you’ve become so numb to the expectations of what women are supposed to be that you can’t see you’re way clear than to continue to look through those shame colored glasses. The answer is…let it go.

That’s what we are exploring today. The answers to overcoming shame – and not just for lesbian women. Every one of us has a shame bucket. Sometimes what’s in those buckets is self-induced from false beliefs, stories, and fears. Ironically all of those beliefs, stories, and fears started somewhere. So let’s get back to the source and get rid of it.

Midge Noble, founder of Empowering Awakened Hearts comes out of the closet with her tool kit of shame breakers to guide us into a blissful place of telling it to take a damn hike and fuck off. Ok, I know that doesn’t sound very awakened, but sometimes you just gotta drop an “F” bomb to realize, you are FINE and it’s time to be proud of who you are and own it.

Show Highlights

* Whether it’s dogma or down right hate, shame doesn’t have to be the burden of your life
* Source of shame comes from this – others expectations
* Transfer the pain of shame by realizing it’s not about you, it’s about them
* Shame is all about choice – learn what we mean by that

About Midge

Midge Noble has 30 years of experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is currently the owner of Empowering Awakened Hearts, LLC serving as a Personal Coach to women and the LGBTQIA community who are ready to move from their emotional pain and shame to claiming their abundance, authentic and joy-filled lives!

Midge also runs empowerment classes on line and is motivational speaker.

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