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362:  Taking flight to live your Life (UN)Closeted – Nathan Seaward

Flying. Minimalism. Sobriety. Adventure. Each one of those things is about taking flight to live an epic life and helping others live their version of an epic life. Quiet a mixed bag of tricks, eh? Yet, when it all gets put together, you find an extraordinary life where adventure and exploration are prevalent and you find yourself pursuing the things that most people say, “Someday I’ll…” Yet, what’s the reason for waiting for someday when now is the time to go for it and reach your full potential…if you allow yourself to fly.

Yet, if you’ve ever flown you know that flights can be bumpy and turbulent. Whether your flight takes you to an all-boys high school as you try to figure out your sexuality, or to 25 countries as you lead a minimalist, unconventional life, the gift in the flight is that you are discovering and living your passions – with or without a plane.

Long before he ever taxied down a runway as a pilot for All Nippon Airways and Virgin Australia, today’s guest laid in the grass as a young boy, not far from the airport in his hometown and dreamed of flying as jets fly over him. Little did he know then that flight, any type of flight would carry him through the challenges of his life.

Now Nathan Seward guides people through the adventures, challenges, and amazing journeys of their own life to help the find the epic-ness that can be when you allow yourself to take flight and live your bold Life (UN)Closeted. This is his story of living an extraordinary life.

Show Highlights

* Fear dissipates when you lean into the least amount of safety and turns into excitement
* At 5th Grade and 12 years old he took his first flight lesson and it made him…
* The greatest gift he’s been given it to be gay. Why do you think that is?
* He puts the “A” word in front of everything else
* Discover what he learned about himself taking 90 days off of alcohol

About Nathan

Nathan Seaward enjoyed a 16-year career as an airline pilot before becoming a personal coach who focuses on helping entrepreneurs create extraordinary lives for themselves and their families. Nathan also serves as the host of The Nathan Seaward Show podcast, and he is the author of the book Extraordinary Life.

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