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283: Shhh. I’m dating. Don’t tell anyone. – Ramona Rice    

You’ve got a secret. A secret that makes you happy, fulfilled, but may make others think you don’t have a heart. People like your kids, parents, In-laws, friends. But this secret is about you moving forward and being good and at peace with a big event in your life. But lord help you, the judgments that you might have to bear, but you can’t just hold out on yourself, and be at peace with yourself.

This is a closet story that will tug at your heart, make ya laugh, love, and appreciate life. Plus, you’ll probably never meet someone quite so passionate about life as Ramona Rice. She’s infectious with her smile, high energy, and most of all down right authentic in her approach to life. And, for all you serial daters, wanna be romantics, and those ready for more than what lays in a heap of your past, she’s gonna inspire you to make your bold move and live your dating life out of the closet so you can say yes to the dress or the tux!

Show Highlights

* Uncover this one assumption people have about grief
* Her split personality may surprise you
* Discover what really happens when the BIG W hits you
* Learn what active grief is
* Should you move fast or slow after a loss?

About Ramona

Ramona Rice is an accidental podcaster who is passionate about helping podcasters grow and expand their podcast. Since launching her first podcast, The Sports Gal Pal, in June 2015, Ramona has quickly risen through the podcasting ranks as a show creation expert. Ramona was the co-host of We Should Not Be Friends in 2016, and in 2017 created the Spapreneur Podcast, a niche podcast to help professionals in the day spa industry. Ramona is also the Community Manager for Podcast Websites, an all-in-one podcast, and website hosting platform. There she helps hundreds of podcasters discover new ways to create amazing content and reach new audiences.

Ramona is a proud graduate of The University of Virginia with a Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree. She resides in the Hampton Roads area with two tiny humans, who are podcasters themselves.

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