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321: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Uncloseting My Truth About Risk

vision and success

I’ve been really risk averse the past few months. In fact I haven’t been eating my own dog food. I’ve been letting the bullshit of my thoughts steer me clear from making bold moves in my life and my business. So there you have it. My true confession. Well not all of it. Today I’m going raw and real about what it looks like when I finally realized that hiding from risk, just isn’t going to pay off. Quite the opposite. It was creating potholes in my life that I couldn’t avoid, so I simply had to drive through them to get where I’m going. In fact, because I realized that, I’m actually finishing up some meetings in Portland with a potential biz partner to move things forward to have more impact in the world helping men, in business, get busy, getting real with themselves. Love to hear your feedback about this rant!


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