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279: Taking a chance on BOLD FREEDOM – Robin Finney

Imagine leaving your job of 11 years, getting rid of your apartment, and packing up and heading off to Thailand with no real plans other than to reset. It’s a bold move with a capital “B.” One that others may not understand, but that’s ok…yes, seriously, that’s OK. It’s literally more about taking a jump and knowing when it’s time to jump.

Robin Finney has decided that jump is now…or so to speak. This episode was recorded on 4/16/18, day before tax day, and by the time it airs Robin will be fully breaking the mold to travel the world and let her wanderlust come to life. But what does it take to make that kind of decision? How do you let it all go? What fears and concerns must you overcome to make that leap of faith. Sometimes it just takes two words that you choose at the beginning of the year to realize, the time has come!

About Robin

Hi, I’m Robin. World Traveler. Wanderluster. Aunt Extraordinaire. Yoga Teacher. Thoughtful Thinker. Wildhearted Soul. I am breaking the mold on what it means to live a conventional life and setting off into the unknown. I spent 11 years behind a computer, working to travel, and always dreaming of a life unhinged. I know firsthand what it’s like to be trapped in your circumstances and afraid to take that first step into Action. I’ve spent many years studying and participating in transformational work through Landmark Worldwide, Meditation Retreats, Yoga Teacher Training (to name a few), and continue to push myself to my edge. I use my voice to provoke thoughtful, deep conversation and ideas, as well as share my experiences from travel and yoga. I am setting off to be a nomad and create what’s next in life. Adventure begins in Thailand!

Show Highlights

* Discover if you have a Bad Stanley or not
* Why, why, why is the culprit of her life
* She let it slip she hadn’t been doing this and then her life started to change
* What is a glass shattering moment?
* Quote: If you don’t go, you don’t know
* Do this one thing to already get something

Connect With Robin


Robin Updates
Since this podcast was recorded, Robin has embarked on her journey. I recently received this email and Robin gave me permission to share it with you, the Life Uncloseted Family.

“Greetings from Chiang Mai, Thailand! I set off on my journey on May 2 and started in Sydney, then Singapore and now Thailand! It’s been a whirlwind so far and I’m soaking in every moment. I actually just published a blog post about my journey thus far –

So much has opened up since I left my job and jumped into this journey. I’ve met amazing new friends, got a job offer (only 2 days after arriving in Thailand) and yesterday, got a traditional Thai Bamboo Needle Tattoo! I’m loving my freedom and life abroad.”

Robin also shared this about her new tattoo which is a perfect example of making bold moves and living your life uncloseted.

The top symbol represents surrendering to whatever comes into your life, the (half moon ) looking symbol represents being open to whatever comes into your life, the dots underneath represent blessing,

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  1. Robin Finney on 05/29/2018 at 9:18 AM

    Thank you for taking a Bold Move on me by featuring me on your podcast! I loved our conversation and hope it will inspire others to take a Bold Move in an area of their lives.

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