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360: (UN)Closeting The Power of Tarot for Coming Out – Seth Vermilya

Coming out is a challenge. It’s sticky, icky, and sometimes a blissful happy trail. Regardless of how the journey goes, guidance is always helpful. But where do you turn? Whom do you ask for help? The answers lie within you. Whether you’re coming out of the sexuality or gender identity closet, or coming out of your own unique life challenge closet, it’s all about connecting with the type of people who can make you feel alive, secure, and happy in you being you. What might surprise you is the power of Tarot Cards just might be your best friend.

Seth Vermilya come out of the closet at age 40 to begin helping others navigate their bold moves as queers in a heteronormative world utilizing the power of Tarot Cards. Seth guides his clients step-by-step to get where they are going, while embracing the power of self and the guidance of the Tarot. This is his Life (UN)Closeted story!

Show Highlights

* What is peter poisoning?
* Learn how to tap into your fringe, fringe
* Tarot isn’t about yes or no, it’s about something so much bigger
* Discover what people can do once they have a Tarot reading
* Learn why this may be a great avenue for you to explore before, during, and after coming out of any life closet

About Seth

Seth is a tarot reader with a passion for serving the LGBTQ community. Since launching ComingOutTarot, he helps his queer clients confirm where they are today and gives them the steps they need to achieve their goals tomorrow. He received his first tarot deck at 10, came out of the closet at 19, and officially came out of the tarot closet at 40 with ComingOutTarot. He uses tarot to make sense of his client’s queer experiences in a increasingly challenging heteronormative world. Seth and his husband live in Chicago with their 10 rescue ferrets.

Connect With Seth
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  1. Mead Wheeler on 02/27/2019 at 7:07 PM

    Thanks for your comments in this podcast. I have had a tarot reading years ago, and I am interested in it again. My life is changing. I am self employed and I am still trying to figure out my career. A product of the 2008 financial situation, I accept the fact that I need to continue to work. I am working on finding satisfaction in my ad specialty business. Please let me know what your charges are for one reading to start.
    Thank you

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