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338: To Recovery With Love – Sharon Otness

One day you wake up and realize that self-care is not an option. It is a must. All the fun, fun, fun of drinking and partying has turned into another disastrous wake-up call on Monday morning where your child looks at you with disgust. Getting by is no longer acceptable. Drinking through it doesn’t ease the pain, it creates it. It’s go time. Time to come out of the closet of alcohol addiction and return to a normal state of health, mind, and strength. But damn is that hard.

From white knuckling through the ups and downs of recovery and an abusive relationship, to feeling gratitude each day for the relationship she has with her daughter and herself, Sharon Otness, takes us her journey to make the bold move to live life on her terms, her way, living out loud as holistic health counselor, yoga instructor, writer, educator, and creative. She stepped into recovery with love and now helps others find their pathways to loving themselves, nurturing their physical bodies, and living on purpose.

Show Highlights

* Coming out of the alcoholic closet isn’t always because of your own desire
* Social anxiety and discomfort were just a few of the reasons she became an addict
* Why is it that women take the bad rap on alcoholism?
* This four letter word helped her get through recovery – L-O-V-E
* For any coming out journey, find the little moments to help you hang on and get through

About Sharon

Sharon Otness is the founder of Design Your Beautiful Life. She is a certified holistic health counselor, lifestyle director for BellaMia Magazine, and a featured writer for I Am Enough Magazine living in Seattle, WA.   Her holistic approach to emotional health and wellness allows her to help women of all ages meet the challenges of food, ultimate vitality, and aging gracefully in a fast-paced world. She is a licensed Desire Map facilitator, Yoga Instructor, Essential Oils Educator and creates Custom Malas as Sacred Adornment.   Sharon is passionate about supporting clients through depression, anxiety and life transitions so they can discover the balanced and amazing life they were meant to live, full of meaning, love and without self-deprivation or guilt.

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