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253: Golf Balls, Thunderstorms and Living Life Uncloseted – Steve Gamlin

Life is full of shit storms. We all have them and they can’t be avoided, no matter how much we try. In fact sometimes bursts in to flames delivering a career change, divorce, and near bankruptcy. That’s enough emotional firewood to burn any hope of recovery to the ground. Or…

Maybe you see this as your opportunity when you’re standing in the middle of a golf course, playing golf in a thunderstorm. Nothing like taunting the lightning rod of life to wake you up. And wake up he did. Steve Gamlin woke up to the reality that he was meant to be doing something far greater than he’d ever thought, and that became the Motivational Firewood for his life and his brand. Just vision that will you? Or take a listen as Steve gives you the low down on visioning your life on the other side of the closet doors.

Show Highlights

* He slammed on the brakes and that’s when the shit storm of life woke him up
* You can dare God but God will always have the last laugh
* We’ve all got a fraud waiting to be exposed which frees us to be ourselves
* When you let people see inside your closets, your raw naked truth helps others
* Sometimes you just gotta let a 3 year gap do its work.
* If you don’t take the action, what’s the point
* What does he mean by pen, paper, heart mind?

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“Engaging Your WHY/Success Vision”


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