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351: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Transgender Discrimination For No Cause

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Let’s be clear. Transgender discrimination is discrimination, plain and simple. Lacking kindness, empathy, compassion is what Transgender discrimination represents. Those three human characteristics are all that is needed to treat people with dignity, respect, and understanding. Yet, with the newly supported Transgender Military Ban upheld by the supreme court, we’ve entered an era of lost humanity, here in the United States, where anyone who is different than yourself is up for a target on their back. Both sides of our political quagmire are responsible, yet what happened this week, by our Supreme Court, who upheld President Trump’s ban on Transgenders in the military should bring up a lot of questions – but not silly ludicrous questions. Questions that no one, with any logic, never asks.

Today I (UN)Closet these ludicrous questions that would never get asked in a crisis nor in most normal every day conversations. Question about things that in the grand scheme of life would shine a light, and (UN)Closet discrimination for exactly what it is, man made fears.


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