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397: Bringing Balance To Your (UN)Closeted Life – Travis Ruskus

He and I met on the set of a Creative Live shoot for my buddy Mike Michalowicz who was shooting his Profit First course. Little did I know that this young guy would have the impact he did, and that he would help me see that to live a life (un)closeted meant finding the means to bring even more balance into my life without forcing it into my life.

He’s an amazing artist, who creates from the rocks of the earth, and does amazing rock balancing art. It take courage, curiosity, confidence, commitment and consistency to believe what he can do, against all odds. Kind of like coming out of the closet, with a twist. Travis Ruskus joins me today to chat about balancing rocks and life and getting through those moments when things can be in balance and then come crashing down.

About Travis

San Francisco based artist Travis Ruskus combines temporary rock balance sculptures with photography, freezing into infinity the ephemeral moment. The healing energy of the meditative work showcases a transformation of stress to clarity; scarcity to abundance. His editions and workshops investigate the reconnection of human and earth.

His book, The Rock Balancer’s Guide, is available wherever fine books are sold.

Check out one of his latest pieces – Risk (177)

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