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340: Boldly Turning The World Into Your Classroom – Vanessa Tharp

Life keeps moving along. Her job brings you joy. She travels every chance she gets. She’s consistently doing the inner work to bring herself closer to her soul center. Looking at her from the outside you’d think this gal’s got it all together, and she pretty much does. Ah, but there’s more.

Her burning desire to take that leap of faith, eludes her. She runs to the precipice, and retreats, even though each move she makes brings her closer. However, the reality is, bold moves are scary to make, until you make them. Then one day, in 2018 she said, “It’s time!” Time for her to turn the world into her classroom and leave the closet of a secure job, love of students, and being an awesome educator behind so that she can create the experience of her lifetime. This is Vanessa Tharp’s, uncloseted story.

Show Highlights

* Learn the thing that drove her to finally hang up a 23 year career
* Vanessa discovered that having the perfect dream job also caused something else in her life
* A multipotentialite is defined by Vanessa as…
* The one lesson she learned about slowing down, listening, and true callings
* One overriding theme that has influenced her ability to take the risks is a “C” word that enables all of us to be who we are.
* Quick shout out to another great podcast and friend – Stephen Warley – Life Skills Matter

About Vanessa

Vanessa Tharp is an Experience Designer who collaborates with awesome humans doing good in the world to create epic experiences. Vanessa is a super connector, community builder, multipotentialite, event visionary and a passionate educator. Vanessa has love for dill pickles, world-travel, daily baths, organization and efficiency.
As an Experience Designer Vanessa works in collaboration to create retreats, conferences, workshops, business strategies, online courses and other project based events with entrepreneurs, travel bloggers, multipotentialites, and educators. Vanessa is your right-hand woman, your cheerleader and champion, bringing amazing projects and experiences to life – if you can dream it, she can do it.

Vanessa has experiences working in middle schools, high schools, and as an adjunct professor for over a decade. She has a passion for student leadership and took on the role as Activities Coordinator focusing on inclusion, culture creation, service, and recognition. She has worked with numerous non-profits and has lead large fundraising and community service efforts. Vanessa has worked as a coach and mentor and she is life-long learner, a motivator, and is an integral member of several entrepreneurial and online communities.

Vanessa brings authenticity, humor, and a contagious energy to the table sprinkled with a little bit of glitter and magic. Vanessa grew up camping during the summer with her family in Oregon and she’s taken the camping philosophy to all aspects of her life – you leave the campsite (and in her mind the world, people, experiences, and organizations) better than you found them.

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