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Listen…no solution required!

It’s been a rough couple of weeks in our household.

Let’s just say, our young adult daughters have been dealing with adult stuff, of the boyfriend kind. Not pretty stuff and emotions are running high.

Of course, this puts Poppa Bear on the defensive. Don’t mess with my gurls is the first response I had, but then, I listened.

I listened to hear what they needed.

I listened to hear what they’d been told.

I listened to hear what their real pain is.

I listened to hear what needed to be heard.

I listened to hear what didn’t need to be answered.

Yup, Poppa finally heard, for once, what just needed to be listened to. Sure, I wanted, and did jump right into the fray, trying to fix what I can’t fix, when in reality, all both my daughters needed was to be listened to and heard. And what happened?

Both of them, have now started asking me to come talk.

Both of them, have asked what I think.

Both of them, have questioned what I would do.

Both of them, have said they appreciated my insights.

Both of them, have walked away finding their own answers.

And as for me?

My ego is just fine, not being the center of attention.

My humility is beaming, knowing it finally got to be in the spotlight.

My heart is open and full because I let my daughters find their own answers.

My self-worth is validated without me having all the answers.

My love for my daughters is through the roof because, they’re just fine.

I never would have thought all of this would have come simply because I learned to Listen…no solution required! Funny how this experience has given me a whole new level of confidence.

What might you need to listen to and hear without needing to offer up a solution?

How might being this way be the solution to you having more confidence in yourself?

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