Never Forget Who Brings You To The Dance!


Movement, a beat, and a shimmy. It’s all about your style when you’re dancing – good or bad – it’s still your style. Yet, where did that style come from? How did you learn to be so on beat, or off beat as a gay man? And does this style even have anything to do with being a gay man? I think it does, provided you don’t forget who brought you to the dance of being a gay man.

I’m not talking about who coerced you, outed you, or took you gently by the hand out of the hidden dance floor of your closet life to the truth of who you are now. Instead, I want you to focus on you. The guy who actually said, “I can do this. I’m coming out!” Yep, he’s the one, who made you finally take the bold leap of faith to be exactly who you were meant to be.

Now look at you. Hung up in not being able to make a relationship last. Fearful that you’ll always be in a dead-end job. Unsure if you’ll have enough money to get through retirement. All valid concerns. Yet, are they something to cause ourselves to lock up in fear? Not if you remember to invite your bold beautiful self to the dance once again, just like you did when you came out of the closet.

Whether you Tango, Salsa, Krump, or Jitterbug your way to the dance of life, bring your whole self to the dance of challenges and fears, just like you did once before, and let those smooth moves work for you once again. After all, it only takes you to change view on the drudgery of life and turn it into your own signature dance move!

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