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One thing you need to be successful… Just Be You!

JBURev_Logo2I’ve committed to four things professionally this year…

  • Publishing my book(s)
  • Increasing my blogging reach
  • Launching two podcasts
  • Getting on more, and bigger stages, as a motivational speaker

Truth is, I’m scared. Yes, I know I can do any, and all of these things. But even if I took them on, one-by-one, I’d still be scared. Scared that I’d fail and that someone would tell me, “See Rick, you weren’t enough!”

But here’s what’s different this year. I’ve decided to be eat my own dog food, do the stuff I’d nudge my clients to do, and Just Be Me.

  • I’m going to be courageous…stop living someone else’s dream
  • I’m going to be curious…start asking why and what if
  • I’m going to be confident…knowing that I’m enough
  • I’m going to be committed…to just being myself

As I’m creating a new project – the Just Be You Revolution – I’m also committing to being more successful so that I can experience greater freedom, happiness, joy, and peace of mind in my life.

From my perspective, success comes from being courageous, curious, confident, and committed. When you can do those four things, even a little of each, you have arrived at success!

Now it’s time for you to Just Be You!

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