3 Easy Steps To Give Yourself Permission To Do Anything

I’ve been sitting here for a couple of weeks trying to get a new program started for my business. I wouldn’t call it procrastination. I’d call it permission phobic! Yes, permission phobic.

We all suffer from this. It’s a little disease that we learned in elementary school and stems from needing permission to speak, permission to go to the restroom, permission to give the answer, permission to be part of the in group, etc.

Then we enter the permission laden worlds of high school, college, and the workforce, and everything continues to be about permission. Even the old fashioned way of asking someone to marry you required permission from the Father. Of course, as all good old fashioned ways do, modern times call for modern changes, and giving yourself permission to move forward on anything, yes, ANYTHING, needs a reboot. And reboot I did to give myself permission to start the work for my Masculinity Unmasked program.

First, I realized I didn’t need anyone else’s permission to start the work, except my own.

Then, I promised myself it didn’t have to be perfect to get it going.

Finally, I vowed not to second guess myself until I was given solid proof that something wasn’t going right with building this program.

The moral of this little story about permission?

Permission starts with you.

Perfection needs to take a hike.

Second guessing has no place in starting.

What are you going to give yourself permission to do today?

Photo courtesy of  sydney Rae on Unsplash

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