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40 Plus: Real Men. Real Talk.

Talking about the things us guys
need to be talking about but aren't.

Own your age. No excuses, no fears, no apologies

Let's get real. Dump the tough guy stance. Quit following the unwritten rules of manhood. It's time for you to own up, man up, and show up the way that you're meant to...your way!

If you feel vulnerable, be vulnerable. Tired of carry the breadwinner load, then stop. Want more than the corner office, then do something about it. Not sure how to be a rock star in your relationship, then say so.

It's time for you to make your bold move, stop sugar coating your bullshit, ask for help, take scary risks, wallow in the unknown, and live life on your terms.

40 Plus: Real Men. Real Talk. Podcast. We're talking about the stuff that scares the crap out of us.


Each week, host Rick Clemons, dives in with 15 minutes of raw, real talk about man junk, and yes, every once in awhile we will even talk about that junk between your legs. From sex and relationships, to fears and vulnerabilities, career challenges to body image, it's a no holds barred approach guaranteed to get you uncomfortable in your manhood, to help you strip away the toxic, traditional, man rules we guys think we are supposed to be in the world.

055: Getting Radical Alignment With LIfe – Bob Gower

By Rick Clemons | Jan 10, 2020 |

Imagine being married 3 times, and feeling on the verge of suicide, and then getting WOKE! Woke to your truth and become radically aligned to your truth about what you wanted for your life. You got specific, dumped the bullshit, set the boundaries that would save you and make you say, “Oh shit!” Welcome to…

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054: Set your year of intentions with three words – Rick Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Jan 7, 2020 |

We’re well into the first full week of January, a new year, and by now, many resolutions are out the door. But what if you started with intentions and used three words to get you there. I believe intentions are the way to get there and my buddy Chris Brogan does an exercise at the…

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053: Create Your 2020 F*ck It List – Rick Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Dec 31, 2019 |

It’s about to be 2020. Or it might already be 2020 by the time you listen to this podcast. Instead of resolutions, how about creating a F*CK IT List to live by this year. It’s simple, it’s genuine, it’s honest, and it can be real if you put your mind to it. It’s also damn…

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052: Taking the walk of faith to leave your faith – Brian Gilbert

By Rick Clemons | Dec 27, 2019 |

Faith. It’s something that guides us, gives us cause to take risks, and sometimes gets in the way of us being able to be who we are meant to be. Faith in ourselves, faith in the path, faith in our destiny. Especially when you realize that in order to come out of the closet, you…

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051: 12 Holiday Gifts Men Should Give Themselves – Rick Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Dec 24, 2019 |

It’s Christmas Eve, or right in the middle of Hanukkah, but regardless of where you are or holiday you celebrate, how about giving yourself some really good, non-materialistic holiday gifts this holiday season. The kind of gifts that truly improve your life and bring you peace. No more feeling the blues about these holiday gifts,…

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Buck Angel

Transgender Activist

Rick asked me to be on his podcast. I listened to some before I made the commitment. He is such the kind of person I surround myself with. These podcasts are very important for so many reasons but the most is that they will teach you about humanity.


Jess Pettit

Author of Good Enough Now

Rick provides a space for real conversation, connection, and a sense of calm that allows for relationships and change to develop and take hold towards something better together.

Grant_Baldwin-Head Shot

Grant Baldwin


Rick is a giant teddy bear. He may look rough and tough, but he’s extremely compassionate, genuine and has a huge desire to help people make bold moves in their lives.

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