40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk.

Talking about the things us gay guys
need to be talking about but aren't.


Be the gay man you are.
No excuses, no fears, no apologies.

Let's get real. Dump the gay stereotypes that society has thrown on us. Quit following the rules of what being a "gay man" is supposed to be. It's time for you to own up, man up, and show up the way that you're meant to...your way!

If you feel vulnerable, be vulnerable. Tired of carry pretending you've got it all figured out, then stop. Want more than the corner office prestige? Tired of the constant hooking up or lack of sex? Wishing you had a relationship, but never getting there? Then do something about it that is more than fabulous lip service.

It's time for you to make your bold move, stop sugar coating your bullshit, ask for help, take some scary risks, go ahead and wallow in the unknown, and start living life on your terms.

40 Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. The podcast where being naked with ourselves get's us off in life, not just in the moment.


Each week, host Rick Clemons, dives in with raw, real talk about gay men's man junk, and yes, every once in awhile we will even talk about that junk between your legs. From sex and relationships, to fears and vulnerabilities, career challenges to body image, it's a no holds barred approach guaranteed to get you uncomfortable in your gay self, so you can strip away the toxic, stereotypical rules we gay guys think we're supposed by in the world.

It's a no excuses, no fears, no apologies approach to for being a gay guy over 40!

105: How To Avoid Gay Death Bed – Rick Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Jan 8, 2021 |

It’s inevitable. Wait that’s not true. It likely – that sounds better – that at some point in your gay relationships the bedroom will die. No not the bed, but the SEX. It happens, and rather than avoid it like a nasty STD, step into the mess before it gets messy and out of control.…

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104: Best Life Hook-up Tips For 2021 – Rick Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Jan 1, 2021 |

Happy New Year Guys! So excited to launch the new version of 40 Plus: Real Men. Real Talk, with the slight, fabulous twist to 40Plus: Gay Men. Gay Talk. With a quick costume change here we are, stepping into 2021 with more than just a few tips (because the tip is never enough) to make…

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103: The One Gift – Rick Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Dec 25, 2020 |

Merry Christmas guys. As you celebrate, however you celebrate this year, I want to invite you to consider this one gift. One that is important, and just might make next holiday season even more merry. Happy holidays. Hey Guys, Check This Out! Are you a guy who keeps struggling to do that thing? You know…

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102 – How To Get Out of Your 40 Plus Life Rut – Rick Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Dec 18, 2020 |

We all get in ruts in our lives. 2020 has only made that worse in so many ways. And ruts, suck. Here’s a few simple steps for getting unstuck and out of your rut so you can kick ass in life. And the last one just might have something to do with your Daddy issues.…

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101: Finding Your Soul Center As A Man – Chris Failla

By Rick Clemons | Dec 11, 2020 |

At the heart of every guy there is a man who want’s to be his own man, his way. A guy who wants to be seen, heard, and understood…on his terms. And, almost every man struggles with finding his masculine identity that fits him and his soul. So just how do you find that inner…

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Buck Angel

Transgender Activist

Rick asked me to be on his podcast. I listened to some before I made the commitment. He is such the kind of person I surround myself with. These podcasts are very important for so many reasons but the most is that they will teach you about humanity.


Jess Pettit

Author of Good Enough Now

Rick provides a space for real conversation, connection, and a sense of calm that allows for relationships and change to develop and take hold towards something better together.

Grant_Baldwin-Head Shot

Grant Baldwin

Founder, TheSpeakerLab.com

Rick is a giant teddy bear. He may look rough and tough, but he’s extremely compassionate, genuine and has a huge desire to help people make bold moves in their lives.

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