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Life Uncloseted is a podcast that is all about saying “Stop it already!” No more mediocre living. Dreaming and not doing. Apologising for living your life your way. Host Rick Clemons – bold move badass, culture designer, and coming out expert – sez “Live Life Uncloseted dammit!”

Each episode he takes you on a brash, fun, and in your face, provocative storytelling ride that explores how to escape your bullshit, explore your fears, and unabashedly elevate your f*cking self-expression to live your LIFE UNCLOSETED.


464 – Thriving beyond the closet of prison – Travis Barnes

By Rick Clemons | May 12, 2021 |

Anyone who is living their life in the closet, is living their life in prison – a metaphorical prison. But, how does that closet feel when it is an actual prison cell where you find yourself living for 10 years? Will your life ever be the same on the other side of that prison once…

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463: From Pastor’s Wife To Taking Care Of Orgasms – Sabrina Torres

By Rick Clemons | May 5, 2021 |

At 19 she was married. Didn’t got to college. Became the Mom of three autistic kids, and in her kids playgroup, she fell in love – real love – with the woman who would one day become her wife. Sabrina Torres shares her journey from pastors wife to owner of thriving online adult sex toy…

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462: How to STOP letting UNCERTAINTY keep you in the closet – RIck Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Apr 28, 2021 |

Ask anyone who has come out of the closet, regardless of what that closet is for them, and they will tell you, “The moment you tell UNCERTAINTY to F*CK OFF, is the moment you will have the courage to come out. The other side of that coin is, you can use uncertainty as a driver…

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461: Why Fatherhood Means As Much As Being Gay – Steve Disselhorst

By Rick Clemons | Apr 21, 2021 |

He knew from a very young age that Fatherhood was for him. But then the reality of being gay put a damper on the expectation…until it didn’t. Author and proud gay dad, Steven Disselhorst was determined to be a Dad and made it happen. From adoption nightmares to candid parenting realities, Steve shares his life…

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460: Three Tips For Stepping Out Of The Closet– Rick Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Apr 14, 2021 |

Coming out of your closet is a scary proposition. It’s filled with fear, anxiety, but also filled with excitement and a future sense of peace of mind. Yet, if you do not have these three things present, you could have a rocky journey to your truth, regardless of whatever that (UN)Closeted truth might be. You…

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Buck Angel

Transgender Activist

Rick asked me to be on his podcast. I listened to some before I made the commitment. He is such the kind of person I surround myself with. These podcasts are very important for so many reasons but the most is that they will teach you about humanity.


Jess Pettit

Author of Good Enough Now

Rick provides a space for real conversation, connection, and a sense of calm that allows for relationships and change to develop and take hold towards something better together.

Grant_Baldwin-Head Shot

Grant Baldwin


Rick is a giant teddy bear. He may look rough and tough, but he’s extremely compassionate, genuine and has a huge desire to help people make bold moves in their lives.

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