Sould, Chould, Would, Did, DO!


There’s an irony to parental wisdom!

  • Don’t cross the road without looking both ways
  • Eat your vegetables for a healthy body
  • Don’t open your eyes underwater they’ll turn red
  • Take your time while reading test questions and you’ll get more answers right
  • Save your money for something you really want

As we grow older and come into our own condominium of wisdom, we start to see that Mom and Dad weren’t too far of base, for the most part!

Then our own sexual evolution, revolution came along and we started facing the could’s, would’s, should’s of our own sexual exploitations. Some of our brothers chose to play safe. Others chose to be in the moment and let the safety net slip. Regardless of how you’ve played the game thus far, I want to invite you to look at a challenge you’re facing right now in your life as a gay man. Maybe it’s a relationship, a career change, and financial hurdle. I don’t really care what it is. I want you to do the following in order to bring clarity.

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