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297: Behaving Boldly, Chasing Dreams, Pony’s & Fridays – Elise Russell

Sometimes you’ve got to chase your dreams, make a bold move, and focus on two things that you find make you happy. For some that might be eating pizza and going on vacation. For others it could be taking a stand for advocacy, or stepping out of a situation that no longer serves you. However,…

270: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – You can’t do anything without this!

vision and success

Nothing happens until you allow the “un-” in your life to be part of the journey. What is the “un-“? You’re just going to have to listen and learn why the “un-‘s” are such an important part of doing anything in life, especially, anything worth doing!   Website Twitter Facebook

266: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – The Bold Move of Saying “No”

have fun, be creative

Have you ever found yourself saying, “No,” and then realizing you wish you’d said yes. Or maybe, doing the reverse. Saying “Yes,” when you wish you’d said, “No?” Of course you have. We all do. In fact I just did it this week and it got me thinking, “Rick, you gotta learn to say No!”…