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355: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Uncloset Your Fun and Creativity

have fun, be creative

If you aren’t having fun and thinking you aren’t creative, then you’re in good company. Most of us forget to have fun. Life gets in the way, demands take over, and before you know it work, eat, sleep; work, eat, sleep; work, eat, sleep. The hamster wheel is on high speed and we glaze over…

320: Boldly Play Like Your Life Depends On It – Jeff Harry

Innocence lost. Adulting too much. Then suddenly you’re stressed, searching for your passion, and feeling like you’re getting nowhere. All because, you forgot how to play. Yes, play like a child. No fear, imaginations gone wild, and just doing what kids do…play! What a fun closet to come out of…the one that says, “Play is…

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