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5 Tips For Loving The Gay Man Within

Whether your Gay or Straight, Loving Yourself From The Inside Out Makes For The Best Valentines Day! In just a few days it will be Valentines Day. Thie day to celebrate being in a relationship, brood because you’re not, or stake your claim proudly as a member of SAD (Single Awareness Day)! I have to…

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Turning 51! It's all relative!

Yesterday I became a member of the 50+ crowd. My elementary, tween, teen, 20’s, 30 something’s, and 40’s are fading into the shadows of days gone by. No regrets, just fond memories. Now, if you’d asked me a year ago how I felt about turning 50, I would have growled, “Bring that up again and…

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Free Your Mind As A Gay Man!

Free Your Mind As A Gay Man! While driving to Palm Springs today for a meeting, I took a little trip to the past by listening to the Disco station on Pandora! As I came around the bend from the Morongo Casino, the familiar billboard signs loomed in the distance. I’m always intrigued by billboards.…

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