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390: Bold Moves of Gratitude, Minimalism, and Dumping Medications – Craig Haywood

Things just aren’t working. Well they are but something was still missing. There’s a drive to do more, be more, and stop living by what other people think I should do. Sound familiar. Well maybe you need to dial into a belief system that gratitude and minimalism can get you where you’re going even when…

232: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Contingencies of Life – Rick Clemons

vision and success

Life and moving out of old homes and into new ones are full of contingencies. So how do you use the contingencies? To your advantage or as a crutch to keep you from moving forward in life. Let’s deconstruct this idea of contingencies and as the saying goes…”Make it work!” Website Twitter Facebook

230: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Bringing Sexual Harassment Out Of The Closet – Rick Clemons

have fun, be creative

It’s becoming an epidemic. Sexual harassment, innuendo, even exposing oneself to another human being in the workplace. Women are crying foul and uncloseting what has been lying here needing to be said. But what does this say about us as humans? As a society? My thoughts on the sexual/gender revolution that has been needing to…

228: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Thankful for Bold Moves – Rick Clemons


I’m thankful I didn’t eat or drink as much as I usually do on Thanksgiving. But, I’m also thankful I did a little impromptu Facebook poll to see what the boldest thing people had done in their lives. The answers are what I’m sharing today on the podcast. So, how would you answer that question?…