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5 Reasons Men Suck At Being Curious

Hey guys I’m calling you out on your shit. Don’t take it personal. I’m calling myself out too! Seems that we’re only curious when it comes to sex, food, money, and careers. Ok, I know, we get curious about where the nearest pot is to poop when we need to take a dump, but that’s…

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3 Things College Men Need Right Now to Be Successful

Ivy League or Community College. It really doesn’t matter where you start your higher education journey. And, as contrary to popular belief as it sounds, it doesn’t even matter if you start a higher education journey. I know, how blasphemous, and who am I to say such a thing. I’m just a guy with a…

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If Trump Actually Loved Himself, I Might Not Be Afraid

If you scroll through Twitter, Facebook, any online space where comments are invited, and where President Trump is the subject of said post, you’re not going to be shocked to find someone crying, “He’s so in love with himself!” True as that may appear, I have to disagree. Please don’t throw stones at me. Instead…

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Could misguided masculinity be causing college dropout rates?

College graduation rates suck! On average only 59% of students who start college finish. Do the math. That means dropout rates are 41%. Many factors feed these statistics. Lack of pre-college preparation. Fear of amassing tons of student debt. Pressure of being a first generation college student. Overcrowding of classrooms with no personal attention. Depression,…

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5 Pillars of Masculinity That Trumpism Doesn’t Reflect

Masculinity. Is it physical? A state of mind? An exercise of intellect? Defined by the words you use? Noted by your actions? A learned trait or a genetic twist of your DNA? The answer is “Yes and…” Just like Improv, there is always a “Yes and…” when answering the question of what is masculinity. It’s…

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