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369: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Obliging Your Humanity

have fun, be creative

Honestly, there’s a lot of humanity damaging going on in the good old USA these days. Mostly from the political arena. Now with the Mueller investigation behind us, it seems that once again certain leaders whom I will not name because it makes me sick to the stomach to even consider typing his name, have…

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365: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Three Steps For Curing Unhealthy Obliging

have fun, be creative

To often we oblige for all the wrong reasons. Today I give you 3 steps for Curing Unhealthy Obliging. These steps came out of the podcast interview I recently did with Jeff Goins on Episode 364, where he discovered, so many of his own thoughts were what was keeping him hostage from living his life…