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381: What you can’t see makes you bolder – Lachi

Sometimes the bolder move of coming out of the closet is something that you can’t see and others can’t see in you. When we say, “See,” we mean, you should take that word literally. Yet, being legally blind doesn’t mean you can’t do the bolder things you want to do, go the places you want…

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315: Older, Wiser, Better, Bolder – Jack Tracy

What happens when you don’t date in high school, because you have to keep your crushes and dating life hidden because you are gay? For starters you end up missing out on all the crazy high school relationships your straight classmates went through as teens, and then suddenly as adults you’re faced with being the…

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293: Bold Moves Keep On Coming – Davis Mallory

The truth is, once you make a bold move, you’ve got the blueprint, and you can keep those bold moves coming. Doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake, or that you can dance and sing your way through life, unless that’s what your bold moves are all about. But, that singing, songwriting, dancing and acting…

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