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338: To Recovery With Love – Sharon Otness

One day you wake up and realize that self-care is not an option. It is a must. All the fun, fun, fun of drinking and partying has turned into another disastrous wake-up call on Monday morning where your child looks at you with disgust. Getting by is no longer acceptable. Drinking through it doesn’t ease…

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334: Uncloseting Body Language – Leo (Lay-O) Cardenas

Imagine knowing exactly what someone is thinking. Or, at least having a pretty good idea of what they are thinking, all because their body speaks louder than their words. You could tell if they were really interested in a date. You’d be able to determine if he was serious about promoting you. Possibly you’d discover…

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330: Making The Bold Move of Kindness – Jill Lublin

Kindness. At times it seems to be elusive. Especially in our world today. People from all walks of life seem more divisive and at odds with one another. Yet, how different would we all be, myself included, if we practiced more kindness, empathy, and understanding? It could be, and probably would be a completely different…

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