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353: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – FEAR: facing your truth about those silly fears

Life (Un)Closeted podcast

I know some of you are probably going to balk at this. Go ahead. Balk, balk, balk. But the truth is, most fears in life are short-lived and self-created. Think about it. When fears show up, most the time nothing happens the way we FEAR it will and then we’ve just wasted a whole bunch…

329: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – Let The Unexpected Be Yo Friend!

have fun, be creative

I know the future, I never encounter anything unexpected, and I am fully in control of what is to come. Yeah right! But don’t we wish that were true? Alas, the unexpected is inevitable. So why do we fight it, cringe when it shows up, and then wail and moan as we deal with it…

283: Shhh. I’m dating. Don’t tell anyone. – Ramona Rice    

You’ve got a secret. A secret that makes you happy, fulfilled, but may make others think you don’t have a heart. People like your kids, parents, In-laws, friends. But this secret is about you moving forward and being good and at peace with a big event in your life. But lord help you, the judgments…

279: Taking a chance on BOLD FREEDOM – Robin Finney

Imagine leaving your job of 11 years, getting rid of your apartment, and packing up and heading off to Thailand with no real plans other than to reset. It’s a bold move with a capital “B.” One that others may not understand, but that’s ok…yes, seriously, that’s OK. It’s literally more about taking a jump…

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270: Uncloseted Riff and Rant – You can’t do anything without this!

vision and success

Nothing happens until you allow the “un-” in your life to be part of the journey. What is the “un-“? You’re just going to have to listen and learn why the “un-‘s” are such an important part of doing anything in life, especially, anything worth doing!   Website Twitter Facebook

245: Jail or A Closet…You Choose – Trish Jenkins

Prison was not on the “goal chart” of entrepreneur Trish Jenkins. Conned by a fraud and a breach of the Corporations Act meant losing her multi-million-dollar portfolio, including her family home. Living with murderers, drug dealers, frauds and broken humanity, she lived among Queensland’s most dangerous criminals. Isolated from her husband and three little girls,…

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234: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Bold Move Recipe – Rick Clemons


Today I’m sharing 5 key ingredients for making a BOLD MOVE. These are lessons I’ve learned as I’ve been boldly making a move from one house to another…one new city to another…downsizing my life…and stepping into a simpler, less hectic way of being in the world. Website Twitter Facebook

232: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Contingencies of Life – Rick Clemons

vision and success

Life and moving out of old homes and into new ones are full of contingencies. So how do you use the contingencies? To your advantage or as a crutch to keep you from moving forward in life. Let’s deconstruct this idea of contingencies and as the saying goes…”Make it work!” Website Twitter Facebook

230: Uncloseted Riffs & Rants – Bringing Sexual Harassment Out Of The Closet – Rick Clemons

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It’s becoming an epidemic. Sexual harassment, innuendo, even exposing oneself to another human being in the workplace. Women are crying foul and uncloseting what has been lying here needing to be said. But what does this say about us as humans? As a society? My thoughts on the sexual/gender revolution that has been needing to…