The Art Of Being A Nobody Who’s A Somebody


Stop it. You’re somebody and you’re also a nobody in someone’s eyes, so get over yourself. Regardless of who you are, you have the greatest opportunity in the world to be your own somebody in your own eyes. Ironically, you, and only you, you can feel that you’re a somebody.

It’s the irony of the ego and feeling like you have to be something in others eyes, when in reality you GET to be something in your own eyes which is so much more important.

What I find, not that I’m the bee’s knees by any stretch of the imagination, funny is how important we (yes even me at times) feel it is to be a somebody for others and not for ourselves.

Now I’m going to challenge you. If you had to be something for yourself in the next week, to truly be a somebody, imagine yourself on whatever type of Red Carpet would rock your world, and go make it a reality. Even if for now it is only in your dreams, your journal, your imagination.

When you allow yourself to see yourself, as a SOMEBODY and not a NOBODY, you suddenly give yourself permission to be exactly who you are.

[Photo: Flickr Member Knezovjb, licensed for use under Creative Commons license

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