Today you get to…


Are you hung over in the doldrums of life?
Dreading getting out of bed?

Everyone complains about Monday’s. Ok, that’s a generalization.

Those that don’t work traditional work weeks probably complain about Tuesday’s Wednesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s, Saturday’s, and Sundays! Whatever day of the week that their week begins.

So how do we overcome the “Dammit it’s (fill in your dreaded day of the week)” mentality? Simple! But, before I share the secret sauce, the magic elixir, the idea that could make me millions (just joking), let’s talk about why we dread.

Dread is because we’re not in joy, happiness, love, like, thrill, adventure, etc. Another way of looking at it is we’re not in alignment with our values and beliefs. So how did we go from dreading waking up on a Monday morning – or whatever day of the week you dread – to values and beliefs? Very simple…it’s all one big cocktail of life that needs stirred not shaken to properly make us happier.

When we stir out the words of life that make us feel less than, obligated, overwhelmed, or small, suddenly, even a morning wake-up call back to reality will be easier to swallow.

So, remember two paragraphs back when I said I’d show you how to overcome the “Dammit it’s (fill in your dreaded day of the week)” mentality? Remember how I said it was SIMPLE? Ok, here’s what you’ve been waiting for…switch the should, could, would, need, have to do’s for the day to…wait for it…be patient…wait for it…switch it to…

Today I get to do…

I know, I’m brilliant. Don’t you feel better? Ok, enough of me stroking my own ego, but, seriously! Try it out for yourself, right now.

Say, “Today I have to (fill in the blank).”

How do you feel? Dread, defeated, not to excited? Now, try on the new way.

Say, “Today I get to (fill in the blank).”

There should be a slight shift, or maybe a ginormous shift in how you feel, just by changing the word “have” to the word “get.”

Yes I’m word smithing your life, but hey, I’m a Life Coach and that’s part of what I’ve been put on this earth to do. I GET to, not HAVE to, help people re-word smith their lives for greater joy.

So go on. Pick three things you get to do today and enjoy them. And, in between those things, slide in the “have to do’s” and see how much more easily your day goes by.

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