Weekend challenge…can you be unique?

It’s practically the weekend.

For some of you, it is already the weekend.

Regardless of where you fall on the international dateline, this weekend I’d like to invite, not scratch that, challenge you to do something different this weekend.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be like bringing work home, or studying for a final exam, it’s simply a challenge to look at things UNIQUELY!

One of the things that I believe knocks the wind out of our self-confidence is when we think we’re different. The kind of different that makes us weird, unlikeable, and rejectable by society…so to speak.

However, I also believe that all we need to do to change that perspective is to change the word.

Instead of thinking “I’m weird, different, a freak, a loser, etc.,” let’s flip all those words to the trash can of our thoughts and replace it with….ready for it….drum roll…


Yes, every weird, different, freakish, quirky, loser, rejectable piece of you that you see in that light is simply you not seeing your UNIQUENESS that needs to be shared with the world.

So you ready for the weekend challenge? Of course you are!

Over the next 48 hours, whether you’re relaxing and rejuvenating or still working the work grind, I challenge you, in a very loving way, to change the words weird, different, freak, loser, quirky, unusual, etc. to UNIQUE. Not only as you think or say those words to yourself, but also as you look at the world and at others.

My guess is that you will find that UNIQUE provides a completely unique perspective you may not have ever seen or experienced before!

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