What To Do When Your Dad Comes Out!


Angry, confused, bitter, and not knowing which way is upside down and inside out. Theses are feelings you’re feeling as well as your child and spouse. So let’s figure out what you can do to make it easier on your kids when you finally admit, “Dad’s not exactly the guy you think he is!”

More often than not, your child will embrace you, providing you give them the firm foundation to stand on to understand you in your new self. The caveat is, no more lies! Talk to them at their level of understanding and give them room to process. It also helps if you can give them the encouragement they need to know that you’re still their Pop’s and nothing’s going to change that.

Here’s a few more tips that came out after I heard about the show Girls having a plot line where the Father comes out of the closet. Read the rest of the story!

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