What's Not Working?


Let’s have a bitch fest! C’mon. You know you want to! Let’s get it all out.

  • My job sucks
  • My boyfriend doesn’t suck
  • My energy’s constantly drained
  • My friends want to much from me
  • My family doesn’t get me
  • My paycheck doesn’t go far enough

Dammit, nothings working! OK! We get it and bully for you for getting that crap out of your system and out in the universe so it could be heard! Now I want you pick up your daggers and get ready to throw them at me, because I know you’ll want to.

What’s not working again?

I heard what you said, but I didn’t really get it. In other words, to define what’s not really working boyfriend, you’ve got to get specific! For example…

My job sucks because I’m not being heard for my contributions I’d really like to make. My boss seems to think I’m only hear to cover his ass. I’d prefer to work in a group setting rather than being a solo Joe. I’m much more productive from 10 – 7 than 8 – 5. Etc, etc., etc.

So, one more time, “What’s not working?”

It could be as simple as being straight-forward, specific, and serious about what’s truly not working! Rather than just skim the surface and lick the icing off the cake, why not bite into it and really taste it. Then you can truly have your cake and eat it too…and start manifesting real change in your life!

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 and Flicker User CarbonNYC!

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