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Why are you settling?


I’ve been working with a lot of clients lately, and it seems the overriding theme is…

Better Than Nothing!

In some cases, that statement can be true.
  • Having a little bit of food to get by with is better than nothing
  • Being able to sleep in your car is better than being homeless on the street
  • A little more room on the credit card to make ends meet is better than no room at all
These are more extreme examples of Better Than Nothing Necessity examples.

Then there’s the Better Than Nothing stuff that we settle for in life.

  • He’s better than having no boyfriend at all.
  • At least this job pays the bills
  • One day off is better than no days off
All of these things on the surface, in the moment, may be true, but the question is, Are you selling yourself, your dreams, your desires short, by saying ‘better than nothing’?

If the relationship isn’t’ working and it’s a safety blanket to protect you from being alone, start learning to be alone.

If the job sucks and it’s draining the life out of you, take the chance and stop buying into your own beliefs that it’s better than nothing and start to take control of your destiny.

If one day off is becoming a consistent pattern, and you’re not able to recuperate and feel whole, than maybe it’s time to get smart about talking to whomever you need to about getting this pattern changed.

When we settle for Better Than Nothing mentality, we’re sending a signal to our selves that we’re not worthy. Even if the circumstances are out of our control (so we think), we always have some control to make things different.

So as you venture out for your weekend activities, consider not doing stuff, or being around people, that lead you into a Better Than Nothing state of mind.

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