Why do you tug-of-war?


Let’s be honest. We all do it. That crazy little thing called the tug-of-war between the logical head and sappy heart. Admit it! You’ve been there, done that. It doesn’t matter if you’re…

  • Debating whether to stay in the dead-end job, or leap at being an entrepreneur
  • Fighting the demons about leaving a rocky relationship, or staying in the comfort of the warm body
  • Wishing for a deeper, more intimate relationship, or going for another “booty call”
  • Staring at that glazed donut, or knowing a sensible protein shake would be better for you

Regardless of the debate, what would be different if you didn’t look at it as a tug-of war, and a battle to win? How about instead of saying  “#$%* it!”, instead you said, “Let’s drop it!” Set your hands free of the damn rope and stand still, very still and ask this one question…

“If I wasn’t making this situation a tug-of-war, how would it be different?”

Often it’s the drama queen in all of us that just sneaks up on us and says, “Let’s make this an Oscar-winning performance,” when all we really need to do is be still and let the stillness guide us!

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 and Flicker User Scott1723!

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