You Clone Me, You Clone Me Not!

It’s that time. Love you…Love you not!

Well maybe it’s Sweetheart time and not “Love You Not” time. Yet, ironically, many will feel unloved this Valentine’s Day. Maybe even yourself. If so, I want you to explore a possibility for this lack of love that you may be feeling.

Here’s what I believe may be the source of your lack of feeling loved. You’re cloning “what love’s got to do with it” from someone else’s perspective.

You’ve Hallmarked your way into the “Buy Roses, chocolates, champagne, and expensive dinner syndrome” because someone told you this is the way to do it. Yes, do this and love and Cupid’s stupid little arrow will find you. That’s cool but what might happen if you didn’t clone love?

What if we all stopped trying to…

  • Reinvent ourselves to be exactly like everyone else in love, life and even business
  • One up each other by delivering more roses to our sweetheart than our best friend does to theirs
  • Be in love based on the latest New York Times Bestseller

In other words, what if we all stopped CLONING each others love style and just allowed ourselves to love in a very unique way…our way?

With that being said, I’d encourage you to repeat the love style that you’ve learned from others that makes sense to you – towards yourself, and others – but don’t forget to ask yourself, “If I was the Cupid of my own life, how would I uniquely love without expectations and boundaries?”

Now let’s get back to those Roses and Chocolates, shall we?

Happy Love For Love’s Sake Day

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