You're a single gay man because…that's what you've chosen!


You may not be the cat’s meow. Or maybe your just being a Puss In Boots. Truth is, if you’re single, you either…

  1. Aren’t dating with intentions.
  2. Say you want to be dating and you’re kidding yourself.
  3. Dating as a sport where you just want to rack up points and wins.
  4. Not ready to be hitched up except everyone else is so you should be too, or so you think.
  5. Single and want to be that way and are tired of everyone elses opinion about your singledom

I personally think a lot more gay men should adhere to #5 until it’s no longer true for them. In fact, that’s the reason I doned my nerdy eye glasses and went sleuthing on my favorite research space – Facebook – to try to understand why gay men prefer to be single. Here’s what I discovered!

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