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You've got this…You just don't realize it!


I may shoot myself in the foot with this post. I don’t care.

The truth is, every time I’m in a session with a client…
Every time I’m in a conversation with a person…
I become the student and the teacher…and so do you!
Here’s what I learned and am not teaching, this week.

I was working with a client a couple of days ago, and out of my mouth came the following words. “Don’t say I think, say, I know!” What followed is the lesson that shocked me.

I then said, “Words like think, maybe, should, could, are signals that we already have our answers to life’s most elusive questions, sitting right in front of us.”

I’m not saying that I’m Einstein or some Nobel Prize winning genius, but I think, no scratch that, I know, what I stumbled upon in that session was absolutely brilliant.

“I think…”
“Maybe I…”
“I should…”
“I could…”

Whatever follows those phrases is probably, nope, is the right answer for whatever you’re seeking in that moment…knowing that, in that moment are the operative words! The words are signaling, raising the yellow flag of caution, that something big is right there in front of you., for you to pay attention to.

The next time you use the words think, maybe, should, could, possibly, might, etc., take a close look at the words that follow think, maybe, should, could, possible, might. There IS wisdom in them there words.

And with that, I think, I maybe, should go to sleep, because that might mean I could get a good nights sleep, that might make it possible for me to be refreshed for my speaking gigs tomorrow at Long Beach State University, where I may have a positive impact on some young minds!

In other words…

I’m going to bed so that I can get a good nights sleep, so that I am refreshed and ready to speak from the heart at Long Beach State University tomorrow where I will have a positive impact on young minds.

Watch your words. They have your answers!

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