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Life (Un)Closeted Podcast

Leap out of your status quo life!

It’s Simple. Be Bold. Live Life Uncloseted.

Life Uncloseted is a podcast that is all about saying “Stop it already!” No more mediocre living. Dreaming and not doing. Apologising for living your life your way. Host Rick Clemons – bold move badass, culture designer, and coming out expert – sez “Live Life Uncloseted dammit!”

Each episode he takes you on a brash, fun, and in your face, provocative storytelling ride that explores how to escape your bullshit, explore your fears, and unabashedly elevate your f*cking self-expression to live your LIFE UNCLOSETED.


449: Six Habits That You Can Use To Be Free of Your Closet – Laura DiBenedetto

By Rick Clemons | Jan 13, 2021 |

We’re just barely a couple of weeks into the new year and already some of you have blown the resolutions, and even more of you said, “Screw resolutions, I’m just going to keep living!” Regardless of your approach, the way to succeed at anything is by creating a positive effective habit around the goal you…

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448: Embrace The Uniqueness of Being LGBTQ – Rick Clemons

By Rick Clemons | Jan 6, 2021 |

Let’s kick off the New Year with something positive to help you be exactly who you are as an LGBTQ individual. Don’t see yourself as different, see yourself as unique. It may sound simple but here are some quick tips for really embracing the uniqueness of who you are as an LGBTQ in a world…

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447: Coming Out of the Boy Band Closet – John Chandler

By Rick Clemons | Dec 30, 2020 |

Imagine being courted by a big name music producer, diving into a boy band, and then being at the right place at the wrong time. Suddenly who you thought you’d be comes to a halt, but that halt provided you the insight to show up in your own life, doing music your way, and fully…

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446: Why Being You Makes You Stronger – Colton Ford

By Rick Clemons | Dec 23, 2020 |

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Right? From coming out the closet, to facing the triumphs and challenges of the music industry, to being know only for your short stint in the adult film industry, nothing makes you stronger than being 100% yourself. Just ask Colton Ford, musician, songwriter, and yes, former adult film…

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445: Big Ol’ Baptist, Big Ol’ Gay – Tim Seelig

By Rick Clemons | Dec 16, 2020 |

When you’re the child of Southern Baptists who are the Elite of the church, is it any wonder that you don’t just stand up and shout from the pulpit – “I’m gay!” Good Lawd, no! But, the evil self-loathing and hate that resides in you is worse. The living a lie, not lying, eats you…

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Buck Angel

Transgender Activist

Rick asked me to be on his podcast. I listened to some before I made the commitment. He is such the kind of person I surround myself with. These podcasts are very important for so many reasons but the most is that they will teach you about humanity.


Jess Pettit

Author of Good Enough Now

Rick provides a space for real conversation, connection, and a sense of calm that allows for relationships and change to develop and take hold towards something better together.

Grant_Baldwin-Head Shot

Grant Baldwin


Rick is a giant teddy bear. He may look rough and tough, but he’s extremely compassionate, genuine and has a huge desire to help people make bold moves in their lives.

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