606: Joli Hamilton – Stop playing with fire and color outside the relationship lines

Do you really want to cheat on your spouse, significant other, boyfriend, or girlfriend? Maybe you love them but you need to venture out of the script of monogamy. It’s time to step into the juicy, exciting, and scary world of coloring outside of the lines of your relationship while avoiding playing with fire. Dr. Joli Hamilton takes on a candid stroll through how to make your unhealthy relationship a better open relationship.

About Joli

Dr. Joli Hamilton is the relationship coach for couples who color outside the lines. She is a research psychologist, TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and AASECT (pronounced ay-sect) certified sex educator. Joli also co-hosts the Playing with Fire podcast with her anchor partner, Ken. Joli’s been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, and NPR.

She’s spent the past two decades studying and reimagining what love can be if we open our imaginations to possibility. Joli helps people create non-monogamous partnerships that are custom-built for their authentic selves, no more shrinking, pretending, or hiding required.

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