610: Jaime Adrian – Learn How to Walk Through Rejection Into The Love Of Yourself

It’s Valentine’s Day and time for some love and rejection. Let’s hope more love than rejection. But, if have no agenda, and you learn to master rejection, then you can be happy and in love with yourself.

Helping us give ourselves a little love this Valentine’s Day is pop artist, Jaime Adrian, sharing his story of major pop star rejection and how he’s learned to rebound to love himself. Plus he shares all about his new new single – If You Could Read My Mind!

About Jaime

Jaime Adrian’s explosive new album, No Agenda, dips into multiple genres of dance music from Latin beat to country twists, house tracks and euro pop.  “I didn’t want people to say it all sounds the same,” the artist reflects, with a grin.   Releasing with the album is Jaime Adrian’s cover of “If You Could Read My Mind”.

“That song was an anthem for me and my friends growing up,” he explains of the house music version, released in 1998 for the film 54.  “I jumped at the opportunity to record and put my own spin on it.  I hope I do it justice.”  Other tracks on No Agenda include “Jaded”, an original song about Jaime’s obsession with Jade Thirlwall from the girl group Little Mix, and “Belong,” a nod to Jaime’s self-described nerdy quirks.  “The songs I wrote are all based on my experiences or things I’ve seen people I love go through,” he explains. “Every song has a different attachment to me.”  Produced by Velvet Code, Jaime Adrian’s No Agenda is being distributed by So Fierce Music/The Orchard/Sony Music Entertainment and is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and all digital platforms.

Jaime Adrian was born on the east side of Chicago.  His father passed away when he was 17.  His mother raised him and his little brother and sister on her own.   It was a Mexican and very Catholic neighborhood and kids often made fun of Jaime for being different.  They called his love of singing “not something a real man would do” and for years, they managed to silence his voice.

Until The X Factor came calling.  Jaime Adrian flew to Kansas City and after performing for the preliminary judges, he learned he had made it to the live show auditions!  The show did not go as planned, however.  L.A. Reid called Jaime’s performance horrible karaoke.  Demi Lovato told Jaime that he was a good singer but that it was the wrong song choice.  He spent the rest of the day crying in his hotel room from embarrassment, determined to stop singing.

In 2020, Jaime moved back to Chicago where he met music producer Velvet Code.   “Velvet encouraged me to find my voice again,” Jaime explains.  “We started with one song, then another, and another.”

Their latest single, “Lollipop,” released this summer, won much acclaim for the young singer.   With its dark Latin/reggaeton pop beat, the track clapped back at the negative people who have tried to quash Jaime’s spirit.   It appears on No Agenda.

“If you would have told me before 2020 that I’d have a completed album in 2024, I wouldn’t have believed it. I worked my butt off all last year to complete No Agenda, saving and paying for it all out of pocket.”

“This journey has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I want Velvet Code and all of the people who have supported me to know how grateful I am,” Jaime continues.   “This didn’t happen overnight and no luck was involved. No Agenda has been years of blood, sweat and tears but in the end, I can attest that it’s worth it to take a chance on life and keep shooting for the stars!”

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