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Yes, I’m that Coming Out Guy/Expert and please don’t ASSume that I only speak the LGBTQ lingo. I’m much more diverse than the average bear! Just take a look at my TEDx video right here. You’ll get the drift and don’t’ mind the jitters and speed. Heck I flew all the way to Tokyo at the last minute to deliver that 8 minute talk so give a guy a break will ya!

I love talking the taboo about corporate culture, stupid human tricks of hiding our gifts, and yes sex and sexuality. I know, it’s an interesting little menage a’ trois of talks I give.

Maybe that’s why people talk behind my back, even though I’m standing right there, saying cray cray stuff like, “He’s a BOLD, BRASH, SASSY teddy bear. He took us to the party, the pulpit, the wake and back to the party!” To that I say, “Hallelujah…then let’s get this party started!”

I got started speaking, talking back to my Momma. Then I graduated writing stuff in highschool that I guess led me to being a thought-provoking writer, provocative podcaster (blabber mouth), enthusiastic entrepreneur (little unfocused at times), and a “Holy crap what did I get myself into” life strategist (fancy title for life coach).

All those thing led me to say, “These things I know for damn sure (I feel like Oprah saying that). I’m a Dad to two daddy’s girls (now young women), pretty good husband (except when I fart in bed), soulful, inspiring, down-to-earth storyteller (and that’s no story), who gives it my best shot to look through a twisted lens at silly human tricks and connect the obscure dots. Heck the whole time all I’m trying to do is help you, me and everyone else make sense out of why we all do stupid, brilliant, WTF human pet tricks.

Now, don’t read too much into this next statement, my first book, Frankly My Dear I’m Gay, was the muse that woke me up and made me see, “You’ve got a lot to say, and not just to your own GAY kind Rickey (yes, my real name that my stoned parents gave me)!” Don’t you for one minute think that the LGBTQ community is some rare species that holds the Patent Pending, Copyright, or Trademark on Living Life Uncloseted. We are and aren’t a rare species, but the whole darn world is in the closet about something.

Those thoughts, not the ones about being a rare species, the ones about having lots to say, led me to create a melting pot of talks that kick ya in the booty and make you say, “Dang son that hurt, but it also made me feel good!” Ok, if you say so.

I know. Cut to the chase. What do you talk about?


Here’s the skinny. But if you’re in a hurry for details, my talks are listed further down the page.

For the rest of you that are patient, not needing specifics yet, I tell stories that slap you in the face, wake you up, get you doing. I promise to take your audience to the party, the pulpit, the wake and back to the party as we…

  • Venture into the taboos of living LIFE UNCLOSETED – personally and professionally
  • Trash talk, clean-up, and put a new shade of lipstick on that corporate culture pig
  • Kick down the closet doors of cubicle dwelling, sashaying away with confidence into entrepreneur land

Trust me, even though you don’t know me yet, I’ll bring energy, passion, humor, and knowledge to your event so that your audience isn’t thinking “Wonder what’s in that boxed lunch?” And for the millennial college/university crowds, I’ll do my best to ensure your hangover headache is easily forgotten…for at least an hour.


Groups I Love To Speak To


College & University Millenials

Making Waves and Making Their Way


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Selected Topics


Frankly My Dear I’m…

Who are you? An entrepreneur wanna be? A CEO who’d rather be a stay-at-home parent?  A proud recovering addict hiding in shame? A closeted LGBTQ individual? Regardless of the mask, we’re all looking to live our own BOLD version of life. A LIFE UNCLOSETED. A journey of full self-expression without shame. Using the art of storytelling, Rick parallels his own coming out journey, overlaying it onto the journey of all humans who are crying out to simply be themselves. This keynote invites audiences to step into their vulnerability, and to learn 8 key steps for creating a personal revolution that empowers them to step out, step up, and step into living your powerful truth, staking their claim as their own superhero.

Adaptable to any audience this presentation is a BOLD, fun, and fast paced expedition exploring human courage, curiosity, confidence, and commitment in the pursuit of BEING REAL with no bullshit. Audiences are invited to awaken their awe-struck 3-year old inside and drop the mask to play in their life without fear of not pleasing others.

Participants are guided through a step-by-step, fluid blueprint for coming out, into the powerful truth of their uniqueness, setting them up with practices that lead to higher levels of confidence, contentment, and happiness to be their own superhero.


Busting Out: Corporate Closets Unlocked

What if you could quiet the grumblers in your ranks and turn them into game-changing innovators?

What if the wallflowers are your hidden leaders in the rough who could rally teams to produce exponential growth?

What if the creative wanna be’s are your visionaries holding the keys to mass consumer appeal?

Turns out, these people already exist in your organization, they just haven’t been embraced for the uniqueness they bring to the culture of your business. They need encouragement. You need to thrive. So, let’s make it work. It’s time to open up to reality that in all the diversity and quirkiness of your organization you’ve got human gold in your hands and it’s time to mine it, and make those quirks work!

In this provocative, exploratory talk, audiences are safely invited to challenge the constructs of sameness for organizational sake, and instead are nudged to gently explore the possibilities of playing in the sandbox of differences. The goal? Showcase the brilliant uniqueness of individuals and teams in order to remove the suffocating constraints that disable innovation, criple collaboration, stifle creativity, and erode profitability.

Strategy-packed and practical, this presentation offers an inspiring blueprint for integrating the nuances and quirks of your organization into an integrated framework for growth and sustained collaboration.


Cubicle Nation Revolts! Coming Out As An Entrepreneur.

Who are you? An aspiring Steve Jobs afraid to let your introverted nerd shine? A strong female holding yourself back from breaking your own glass ceiling? A closeted creative hiding in the shadows of crunching numbers? A muse of your family’s expectations still pursuing someone else’s dream for your life? Regardless of the cubicle closet you find yourself in, the truth is, you just want to be YOU…a fully self-expressed YOU.

What if you could harness the power of fear, risk, not good enough, and breathe new life into creating what you been placed on this planet to do? You’d benefit from massive increases in confidence, authenticity, and brute determination, to be the entrepreneur you’re meant to be.

Nobody is talking about this stuff in business school. Nor is anyone gutsy enough to draw the parallels between coming out of the closet to live your sexual truth, and coming out to break from cubicle nation to be a successful  entrepreneur. This eye-opening, interactive, and fun presentation dares to draw correlations between sexual orientation and coming out to admit – Damn it, I am an entrepreneur.

Using the art of storytelling, Rick lays out 8 simple, yet radical strategies for coming out of hiding to be an entrepreneur. Audiences are invited to step bravely into their vulnerability, while learning to create a personal revolution of empowerment for stepping out, stepping up, and stepping into living their powerful truth – living life as their own superheroes.




Only a select few speakers deliver performances, instead of simply speeches. Rick Clemons is one of those speakers…ahem, performers. He engages the audience with powerful stories, spot-on lessons, and his wonderfully unique wit. Compare Rick to any Broadway performance, and I would pick Rick Clemons every single time.

Mike Michalowicz, Author of Profit First

Rick has spoken on several occasions to my High School Sociology classes regarding his life and his journey.  My classes are always in rapt attention when he speaks, and always give the highest levels of feedback.  He engages with the students and they connect with him.  He’s a great speaker!.

Greg Guy, Northwood High School, Sociology Teacher

Boiled down, Rick’s deceptively simple message is be true to one’s self. It’s not necessarily easy, but it’s not conceptually complicated. Clemons says be that person you alone know you should be. Mind; it’s not an open invitation for your inner brat to trample roughshod over reason and manners or to shirk your responsibility to the social contract. He’s saying live a life that is true to you, that makes your corner of the world a better place. Be prepared; Clemons does not suffer fakers and he is merciless with hypocrisy. He has no time for pity. He just says find your Truth and your peace, be good to yourself and those you love, and get on with your life.

Don Fuller, Orange County, PFLAG Speakers Bureau

Rick Clemons was a great addition to our College Kick-off event as a guest speaker. His keynote presentation (“Make your Quirk Work”) was rated by our student audience members as “very good to excellent.”  The material truly resonated with our theme for the year and the day.  In his very lively session, Rick gave our students clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions — on how to implement these valuable strategies.”

Eric Mooney, Principle, Murrieta Valley High School

Rick speaks with such honesty and emotion that his message is felt as well as heard.

John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

My students have found Rick to be powerfully inspiring when he asked them all to sit tall and state, “I AM ME!” His speaking style is highly interactive – sleepy students wake up as he moves about the stage, addressing them with a powerfully authentic voice. He addresses the shame and fear that haunt people who keep secret who and what they are in order to be accepted by family, church, or society in general. Rick has the skills to help even the most skeptical in the room to gain empathy for people who are struggling to set themselves free from destructive limits and socially imposed beliefs that restrict their self-expression.

Callista Lee, M.S. Psychology Faculty, Fullerton College

Basking in the higher awareness of full self-expression, Rick takes listeners to the party, the pulpit, the wake and back to the party again, showcasing how living and manifesting uniqueness keeps things interesting and inspires the finest display of who we are as humans.

Jan Black, The Black Brand


Select Clients and Events

Good Life Project Camp | Braveheart Men’s Retreat | California State University Long Beach | Fullerton College | Golden West College | Murrieta Valley High School | Saddleback College | Northwood High School | Cypress College | Inspire Spiritual Community Irvine Valley College


About Rick

“His words, humor, vulnerability, and performance are one of a modern day sage!”


TEDx_WasedaURick is a sassy, bold, funny, heart-centered, teddy bear. He’s also a certified life strategist (fancy name for life coach), podcaster, and author whose raw humor, in your face candor, and raw truth inspires entrepreneurs, small business owners, and university students to escape their bullshit, explore their fears and elevate their f*cking self-expression. He’s comfortable on a stage in front of the masses or holding space for intimate group experiences. Either way, he treats participants like guests at his dinner table and promises not to throw food, unless it’s food for thought.

It’s been said that he’s a powerful presenter who takes deep command of the room, not just because of his 6’4″ frame. His let’s just chat like friends style invites audiences to laugh like kids, cry without shame, and enjoy the damn ride that is the human experience. He’s a take you to the pulpit, the party, the wake and back to the party kind of guy…drinks included if you’re paying for them.

To prove he’s worth considering, you can find him featured on Huffington Post, Your Tango, Yahoo Shine, and HuffPost Live as well as numerous other media outlets. He speaks on behalf of PFLAG at colleges and universities throughout Southern California, as well as at entrepreneurial retreats such as Jonathan Fields Camp Good Life Project and the Braveheart Men’s Retreat, and most recently was a speaker at TEDxWasedaU, in Tokyo.



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