You can’t live life uncloseted, without making your bold move!


I know. Kind of a crazy big bold statement, but it got your attention…I hope.

You see, the honest damn truth is, not making your BOLD MOVE is keeping you in the closet – whatever that looks like for you!

Shying away from your BOLD MOVE keeps you from…


  • Kicking ass in the world – your way
  • Disrupting work culture for the good of the whole, not just the few
  • Expressing your sexual energy instead of shaming yourself into unnecessary submission
  • Breaking masculine stereotypes to be the man you are at your heart and soul
  • Seeing the awesome possibilities that come from breaking the pattern of black and white thinking


It’s simple. Be Bold. Live Life Uncloseted!



Bold Move Keynotes and Workshops!


My message is simple – Make your bold move! – That’s the common thread in every talk, every day, in every way, regardless of the audience, or event.

It’s the catalyst for kickass change. It’s the fire that consumes mundane living. It’s the “WHAT, WHY, HOW, and WHEN” for living LIFE UNCLOSETED.

In organizations we play with BOLD MOVES to drive unbridled innovation, nurture mind boggling engagement, fuel roll-in-the money profits, and fan the flames of “lay down your life” loyalty from consumers.

At entrepreneur, social change, and personal development conferences, BOLD MOVES inspire boundless hope, fuel creativity, unlock closeted beliefs, and shut up the annoying roommates in your head that say “You can’t do that!”

For students diving into college life, the goal is to help them discover that BOLD MOVES can help them follow their passions instead of others desires, empower self acceptance instead of feeling like a freak as an LGBTQ individual, and to take away the fears of settling into a path of life when there are multiple potentials for living life boldly.


Signature Keynote


The Subtle Art of Making A F*cking Bold Move!

This signature keynote is the backbone, the driver, the rally cry for taking the risk to make your BOLD MOVE in life – regardless of what that bold move might be. Filled with inspirational stories, take action steps, and slap ya in the face “DUH” moments, this talk captivates audiences from all walks of life. Three simplistic foundations are delivered, wrapping up the mantra – It’s Simple. Be Bold. Throughout the talk, each foundation builds upon the other so that participants find their path – their way – to take steps to say, “F*ck it. I’m making my BOLD MOVE!”

Fun, interactive, emotionally captivating, and action oriented, audiences learn how to escape their bullshit, explore their fears, and elevate their f*cking self-expression. The result? They discover the unapologetic path for living a life uncloseted by making a BOLD MOVE!


Additional Bold Keynotes and Workshops!


Uncloseting Corporate Culture

Turn the grumblers up on your team into game-changing innovators. Then, gently invite the wallflowers, your real hidden leaders in the rough, to create innovative ways to produce exponential growth. Finally, hunt down the creative wanna be’s who are too afraid to speak up, and turn them into your community managers and customer pleasers.

All you’ve got to do is bring them out of the closet and embrace the uniqueness they bring to the culture of your business.

This provocative, exploratory talk, takes audiences on a deep dive into the rabbit hole playing differently in the workplace culture sandbox. The goal? Showcase the brilliant uniqueness of individuals and teams instead of letting differences trash your organization. Remove the suffocating constraints that disable innovation, criple collaboration, stifle creativity, and erode profitability by un-closeting teams that aren’t engaged and turning them into raving, excited “in your court” players!



Coming Out As An Entrepreneur

Who are you? An aspiring Steve Jobs afraid to let your introverted nerd shine? A strong female holding yourself back from breaking your own glass ceiling? A closeted creative hiding in the shadows of crunching numbers? A muse of your family’s expectations still pursuing someone else’s dream for your life? Regardless of the damn cubicle closet you’re stuck in, the truth is, you just want to be YOU…an entrepreneur.

Ditch the fear of risk, not good enough self-talk, and dive into confidence, authenticity, and brute determination. Nobody is talking about this stuff in business school. Nor is anyone gutsy enough to draw the parallels between coming out of the closet to live your sexual truth, and coming out to break free from cubicle nation to be a successful entrepreneur. Through the art of storytelling and practical wisdom, Rick lays out 6 simple, yet radical strategies for coming out of hiding to be an entrepreneur.



Are you a freak or frigid? – Unabashedly embracing your sexual energy

We’re all humans. We’re all sexual beings. And, we’ve all be sex shamed from the moment we were told, “It’s not appropriate to touch yourself down there!” Then, we hit college/university, and along with getting ourselves to class, doing our own laundry, and recovering from hangovers, we’re also faced with moving deeper into who we are a sexual beings.

Do I put out, or play defense? Is my same sex curiosity a thing or a passing phase? Am I a liberal, feminist bitch, or a strong, determined, female? Do I have the balls to be my own man, or just another slut shaming Frat boy?

Frank, funny, and definitely talking the taboos – in a clean and respectful way – Rick approaches sex, sexuality, sexual desires, and masculine/feminine energy in a non-textbook manner. What everyone else is afraid to talk about, he’s got bottled up in his trunk full of tricks. Straight from his gay heart, he bares his soul, journey, and insights – standing in his naked truth – about sex and sexuality and the joys of giving yourself permission to let your sexual energy prevail.



Real Men Don’t Hide In Closets

Men are the last to admit they’re wrong, failing, don’t know, or that they don’t feel good enough. It goes against the grain of their masculine, testosterone driven nature. Well get over boys…yes boys, and start really acting like men.

There’s no need to cut off your manhood, or infect your masculine edge. What you’re being invited to do is drop the facade. It’s time to truly man up and become vulnerable, transparent, and just a little more sensitive so that you’re true nature can shine.

Rick’s guy-to-guy talk is brutal in a funny and loving way that points the finger of truth at what we guys all know, “Our manhood gets more abused in the head above our shoulders than the one between our legs.” Breaking the mold on stereotypical masculine constructs, Rick invites men to get their feathers ruffled for their own damn good, drop the shields, and experience orgasms of new kind – seeing themselves for who they are without the complex bullshit of contrived masculinity.



Rick’s “Bold moves” mentality, simplifies the chaos so that you can live Life. Uncloseted.



Rick delivers humorous, engaging, slap ya in the face and make ya think, BOLD talks and workshops, that inspire audiences to cut the closet dwelling crap out of their lives to make bold moves. No more “Can I or Can’t I?” thinking allowed.


He’s far from shy about challenging organizations to disrupt their comfortable norms, to stop over complicating processes, to simplify complex decisions, and treat people like humans instead of task test dummies.


He sees the world through a plethora of BOLD colors (possibilities) and makes it comfortable to explore life’s so called “taboo’s.” Deconstructing the black and white thoughts, his goal is to free you from habitual jerking yourself around so you can make your big bold move you’ve been called to make on the planet.





Here’s what you get with Rick!

He is a bold, brash, sometimes irreverent, no holds barred, huggable teddy bear (yes, he gives great hugs, or so he’s been told).


A frequent speaker at colleges/universities, entrepreneur and social change conferences, and forward-thinking organizations, Rick’s talks focus on uncloseting and disrupting corporate culture, outing your inner entrepreneur, breaking down masculine closets, and creating sex positive instead of sex shamed environments. His messages take you to the party, the pulpit, the wake, and back to the party!”


When attending his talks and workshops, be prepared to have fun, be inspired and to…


  • Venture into the taboos of life – personally and professionally
  • Clean up the self-inflicted trash talk
  • Uncomplicate the complicated
  • Slap yourself silly with repeating, “Duh” moments while laughing your ass off
  • Craft your own prescription for healing your black and white thinking addiction


Rick promises to do you a solid by bringing over the top energy, heartfelt passion, off the cuff humor, and interactive experiences to your event. His stories paint the relatable pictures, his lessons connect the obscure dots, and his flippant “gotcha” attitude inspires individuals and teams, to make bold moves.

Trust him, your audience won’t have time for wandering mind games about, “What’s on the lunch buffet?” or when the next potty break is.

It’s simple. Be Bold. Life. Uncloseted





Only a select few speakers deliver performances, instead of simply speeches. Rick Clemons is one of those speakers…ahem, performers. He engages the audience with powerful stories, spot-on lessons, and his wonderfully unique wit. Compare Rick to any Broadway performance, and I would pick Rick Clemons every single time.

Mike Michalowicz, Author of Profit First

Rick has spoken on several occasions to my High School Sociology classes regarding his life and his journey.  My classes are always in rapt attention when he speaks, and always give the highest levels of feedback.  He engages with the students and they connect with him.  He’s a great speaker!.

Greg Guy, Northwood High School, Sociology Teacher

Boiled down, Rick’s deceptively simple message is be true to one’s self. It’s not necessarily easy, but it’s not conceptually complicated. Clemons says be that person you alone know you should be. Mind; it’s not an open invitation for your inner brat to trample roughshod over reason and manners or to shirk your responsibility to the social contract. He’s saying live a life that is true to you, that makes your corner of the world a better place. Be prepared; Clemons does not suffer fakers and he is merciless with hypocrisy. He has no time for pity. He just says find your Truth and your peace, be good to yourself and those you love, and get on with your life.

Don Fuller, Orange County, PFLAG Speakers Bureau

Rick Clemons was a great addition to our College Kick-off event as a guest speaker. His keynote presentation (“Make your Quirk Work”) was rated by our student audience members as “very good to excellent.”  The material truly resonated with our theme for the year and the day.  In his very lively session, Rick gave our students clear tips – and most importantly, actionable suggestions — on how to implement these valuable strategies.”

Eric Mooney, Principle, Murrieta Valley High School




Rick speaks with such honesty and emotion that his message is felt as well as heard.

John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

My students have found Rick to be powerfully inspiring when he asked them all to sit tall and state, “I AM ME!” His speaking style is highly interactive – sleepy students wake up as he moves about the stage, addressing them with a powerfully authentic voice. He addresses the shame and fear that haunt people who keep secret who and what they are in order to be accepted by family, church, or society in general. Rick has the skills to help even the most skeptical in the room to gain empathy for people who are struggling to set themselves free from destructive limits and socially imposed beliefs that restrict their self-expression.

Callista Lee, M.S. Psychology Faculty, Fullerton College

Basking in the higher awareness of full self-expression, Rick takes listeners to the party, the pulpit, the wake and back to the party again, showcasing how living and manifesting uniqueness keeps things interesting and inspires the finest display of who we are as humans.

Jan Black, The Black Brand


Select Clients and Events

Good Life Project Camp | Braveheart Men’s Retreat | California State University Long Beach | Fullerton College | Golden West College | Murrieta Valley High School | Saddleback College | Northwood High School | Cypress College | Inspire Spiritual Community | Irvine Valley College







Pricing covers:


  • A 30-minute pre-event planning call with event organizers
  • A 30, 45, or 60 minute keynote presentation
  • An additional breakout session or workshop at your event
  • Pre-event and onsite promotions
  • Flat fee for travel, quoted separately up front
  • Book signings, swag promotions, and panel participation as requested


I can also provide in house, half and full day workshops, customized to your particular needs.

On rare occasions I do speak for free if the your cause or organization tugs at my heart. We can step out of our black and white thinking and get creative to make it a colorful win/win for all concerned.



Tools For Getting Rick At Your Next Event